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 Replacing laptop LCD inverter board

  Illustration Of dis-assembly
   Method to look for a part
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   Illustration- HP Compaq NX7000 as example- Replacement of inverter
Caution! all power supply, from AC adapter and the battery must be removed before commencing of the dissembling and re-installation work.
For all other brand and model of laptop, additional informations are described under "Common for laptop."
The inverter is sited.
In-order to get out the LCD inverter, the LCD screen must be disassembled, refer to Replacing LCD screen.

Common for laptops.

The inverter is sited underneath the screen, it is tighten either to the bracket of the screen or to the casing. Some cases, the inverter is sited beside the screen on the right side.

Pulling out the cable plug and the wire plug from the inverter.


Pull the 2 wire plug. (High voltage AC output to LCD screen) Pull the wire plug (DC current supply from main board))

Common for laptops.

Common for laptops.

The plug shown is the most common used in the laptop.
Some brand like Toshiba laptop use different type of the plug.
There are many type of the socket on the inverter board and the wire plug.
You must look for the part number as shown on this photo.


Attention: The part number of the replacement cable must match your cable or else they may not compatible thought they may look similar, unless the replacement part is stated as "Compatible Item" in the Item Description page.

Search in the search box with the part number "dac-07b035", this is  the searched result

Common for laptops

In this photo, there are 7 pins socket receiving electrical current and current signal from the main board. There are many different type of sockets with different number of pins (4 to 8 pins). There is no standard form for the inverter.
For the 2 pins socket- the 2 pins is for the supply of electric current to light up the fluorescent tube inside the LCD screen. Two pins is standard for all today LCD screen, but there are many different type of the 2 pins sockets which has no standard form.

More information- How to search for the inverter replacement?

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